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New-Energy Battery Powered Generator Products Will Replace Fuel Generators

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On the afternoon of August 3, Pan Changsong, deputy director of the Health Industry Integration Development Committee of the Chinese Academy of Management Sciences, chairman of the World Chinese Entrepreneurs Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai Alliance, executive chairman of the Sun Yat-sen Fraternity Foundation, and chairman of Shengshi Longtang Health Industry Jiangsu Co., Ltd., and the Urbanization Construction Chamber of Commerce Hu Yuejin, the chairman of the operation, made an appointment to inspect Jinhua Ensure New-Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Shen Hongdong, general manager of Jinhua New-Energy Technology Co., Ltd., introduced to Pan Changsong and his party in detail the new energy industrial battery powered generators developed by the company and the original intention of development, as well as the achievements and problems encountered at this stage.

Now the world is promoting new energy vehicles to replace traditional fuel vehicles. Reduce polluting gas emissions during fuel use. In 2020, the exhaust emissions of fuel vehicles have fully implemented the National Sixth Standard. However, fuel-fired generators are not even up to the standard of the country, and a large amount of carbon monoxide is directly discharged into the air environment without treatment, causing great health hazards to the surrounding environment and personnel. The high noise of the generator also disturbs the surrounding environment a lot. In view of this, Jinhua Ensure New-Energy Technology Co., Ltd, as a technology-based enterprise, in response to the country's call for vigorously promoting energy-saving and environmentally friendly products, invested a lot of time and energy in developing a rechargeable industrial-grade battery power station supply from 2016 to 2019, filling the original charging The portable industrial battery power station can carry high-power electric tools, inductive loads and provide welding functions. It can replace most fuel generators and provide workers with clean and quiet outdoor power. The use of industrial battery powered generator can not only improve work efficiency, but also produce huge economic benefits compared with fuel power supply. At present, the company has launched a number of products on the market in batches. The users include the State Grid, railways, highways, municipal bridges and other construction units that need emergency electricity, and have won unanimous praise from users. 

In the Nanjing Confucius Temple Qinhuai Lantern Festival in 2019, the company's products also participated in the on-site emergency lighting and power protection project. The relevant core technology has also applied for dozens of patents, and one of the products has obtained the world's first GS certification and the world's first EU CE certification issued by the German TUV agency, filling the gap in the world for this product. Finally, Shen Hongdong expressed the company's development vision to Pan Changsong and his party: research and develop multi-category new energy products guided by scientific and technological innovation, improve users' work efficiency, and contribute our meager strength to defend the blue sky.

After listening to the introduction of general manager Shen Hongdong, Pan Changsong said: From 2016 to 2020, Chairman Xi put forward the important instruction of (winning the battle to defend the blue sky, returning the blue sky and white clouds to the common people, and shining stars)at various meetings. Every year All have put forward higher requirements for environmental protection work, and the central government and the local government have introduced a series of environmental governance measures intensively. Your company can assess the situation and actively respond to the call of the country. I am deeply encouraged by the social responsibility that an enterprise should undertake. We are also proud of the excellent enterprises in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Your products can subvert decades of fuel generators and reduce exhaust emissions in this field. This is a very meaningful and great thing. I am very willing to do my part for this work and help you Chinese businessmen in the world Zhonggo publicizes and promotes and connects with domestic demand units. Let more people understand and use your products, so as to reduce the emission of polluting gases, improve work efficiency and protect the earth's environment.

Chairman Hu Yuejin said: In the process of our urbanization construction, we need to use a large number of generators. In many construction sites, because the main transformer has not been installed in place or the distance from the power supply is too far, it is necessary to use fuel generators or stretch cables. This product of your company has very well solved the problems of high noise and high emission pollution when we use fuel generators, especially in downtown areas and crowded places, it can be greatly improved. Our Urbanization Construction Chamber of Commerce will start to vigorously promote the popularization of your company's products, and we will also do our best to win the blue sky defense battle. General Manager Shen Hongdong expressed his gratitude to Chairman Pan and President Hu for their help and affirmation, and invited Comrade Pan Changsong and Hu Yuejin to hire respectively as the general consultant and sales consultant of the new energy project of Jinhua Ensure New-Energy Technology Co., Ltd. On the next promotional cooperation site, a consensus was reached and various future usage scenarios were studied.


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