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LESTAR Portable Cordless Battery Powered Stick Inverter Welder 150A

LESTAR MW-460 is a highly portable and powerful unit perfect for mobile welders operating in remote, offsite, or hard-to-reach locations without easy access to AC mains power.
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  • MW-460


The MW-460 battery powered welder makes work easier, faster, and better in the workshop or at the construction site. Its weight of only 15 kg allows flexible use anywhere and at any time.

The use for battery-powered welding applications is, however, not limited to the aforementioned industries but extends to all areas where mobility and/or independence from the mains grid are paramount. Examples are applications in tunnel, road, and bridge construction, forestry, pipeline construction and maintenance, the military and the Federal Agency for Technical Relief, etc.

Battery Specifications

Battery type

Ternary Lithium Ion battery cell

Battery voltage

DC 48 V

Battery capacity

2405 Wh

Battery cooling

Air (2 x automatic air fans)

Welding Specifications

Output current


Suitable electrode diameter


Duty Cycle

100% @ 150A

Pieces 2.5mm electrode

85 pieces

Pieces 3.2mm electrode

41 pieces

Charger Specifications

Charger voltage

AC 100-240 V 50/60 Hz

Charger output

54.6 V (10 A)

Charging time

± 3.5 hours

Charging cycles

1,500 (capacity > 80%)

Working Temperatures

Operating temperature

-20°C up to 40°C

Charging temperature

0°C up to 30°C

Storage temperature

0°C up to 25°C

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions (L x W x H)

455 x 240 x 380 mm


23.5 kg


Ingress protection class

IP21 (indoor)


12 months or 300 charging cycles. Whichever comes first.

Battery Charger 10A AC 110-240V

Charging Cable

Welding Connectors 35-50MM2

Instruction book

Heavy-duty earth clamp 3 meters(Optional)

Heavy-duty welding holder 5 meters(Optional)


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Jinhua Ensure New-Energy Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the development and production of li-ion cordless inverter welders and industrial battery power stations.

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