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ES-5000 PLUS Played Important Role in Emergency Drill in Jiangxi Province China

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Dated September 23rd to 28th, the emergency drill for pipeline leakage in railway box culverts carried out by the West-East Gas Transmission Company in conjunction with Jiangxi Provincial Energy Bureau, Shangrao Municipal Government and relevant departments came to a successful conclusion. A total of more than 90 representatives from Jiangxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Emergency Management Department, Public Security Department, Shangrao Municipal Government, China Railway Nanchang Bureau Group Co., Ltd. and West-East Gas Transmission Company participated in the drill in the form of "on-site + video".


This drill is the first time in China that a large-diameter natural gas pipeline leakage emergency drill is carried out in a box culvert crossing a railway. The entire drill process was closely connected, tense and orderly, and effectively tested the applicability of the emergency plan system of the West-East Gas Transmission Company, the emergency repair method for pipeline leakage in the box culvert, and the emergency repair ability of the maintenance and repair team. the goal of. With an unprecedented sense of political responsibility, historical mission, and work urgency, the West-East Gas Pipeline Company will keep the bottom line of safe production, ensure the intrinsic safety of the oil and gas pipeline network, and welcome the victory of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China with outstanding achievements.


"The second line of West-East Gas Pipeline, Nanchang-Shanghai Branch Line, Shanghai-Kunming Railway, Shangrao Connection Line, detected combustible gas through the box culvert, and it is suspected that a pipeline natural gas leak occurred." At 9:35 on September 23, along with representatives of the West-East Gas Pipeline Company, Party Secretary Zhang Wenxin announced the official start of the emergency drill, and more than 150 drillers quickly entered a "combat" state.

The emergency repair personnel used cold cutting and flame cutting to cut off the pipelines in the box culvert, completed the prefabrication, inspection and pressure test of the new pipeline, and used the self-made box culvert pipeline rescue tool to remove the damaged pipeline, install the new pipeline, and complete the high-quality pipeline assembly, After the welding passed the inspection, the emergency repair of the pipeline was completed at 8:05 on September 27, and the "dangerous situation of pipeline leakage in the box culvert" was dealt with in a timely and effective manner.


As one of the backbone forces of this exercise, the Nanjing Emergency Repair Center and the Guangzhou Emergency Repair Team sent 52 members, invested 11 emergency repair vehicles, and 35 sets of key emergency repair equipment to participate in the exercise. One of the important equipment is the industrial Battery Power Station ES-5000 PLUS provided by Jinhua Ensure New-Energy Technology Co., Ltd. ES-5000 PLUS Battery Powered Generator is the first equipment used for emergency on-site disposal in China. It does not need to pull power, let alone gasoline or diesel generators, saving Time saving, manpower saving, easy to carry, flexible operation, it is also the first choice for energy saving and carbon reduction. Helping the Nanjing emergency repair team of the Nanjing emergency repair center to win the victory won time, gained confidence, and demonstrated the mighty power.

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ES-5000 PLUS Battery Power Station will play a greater role and highlight the technology for the main business such as pipeline maintenance, safety production, intelligent pipeline construction, gas storage capacity and production construction lighting, etc. 


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